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Scottsboro Water, Sewer & Gas Board

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About Us

Our Mission

Our job is service. Regardless of a particular job assignment, we are all working toward one goal: that of supplying our customers with prompt, dependable water, sewer and natural gas service, in a courteous manner. Many details become a part of our efforts, but all of them are aimed at one objective: that of being an efficient service organization for the people of Scottsboro.

For this reason, a customer becomes the most important person in the world when we are in contact with them. In person, by phone, by mail, we need to indicate to our customers that they are important to us.

With this in mind, we need to give:

A prompt response
A friendly voice
A helpful attitude
A satisfactory transaction

Courtesy and genuine concern will assist all of us with this important matter of customer relations. Above all other objectives, dependable service has to be our major goal.