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A Leader in the Store Fixture Industry
The retail business looks a lot different today than it did when Lozier began manufacturing store fixtures over 60 years ago. Back then, Lozier had 25 employees and manufacturing facilities totaling 20,000 square feet. We originated the basics of today’s shelving systems and built our business on our core values of integrity, candor, open-mindedness, and a strong work ethic.

Today we’ve grown to over 4.3 million square feet and 2,200 employees. How did we get here? By staying focused on our mission: deliver high quality services and products so reliably that customers overwhelmingly choose us as their fixture supplier.

Lozier remains committed to providing the best total value for our customers, working in partnership to find the solution that best fits your needs. Take a few minutes to get to know us better and learn how we can help create the store experience you’re looking for—on time and on budget.